Tourist Assets

Tourist Assets

KÉTOU, Cradle of GuèlèdèUpon your arrival at Alafia Hotel Ketou:

• Visit the Royal Palace
• Visit the Akaba Idéna Museum (the magic door)
• Visit several famous tourist sites
• For your business meetings in the area.

Take a trip to the Assena market a few minutes by car from Alafia Hotel Ketou.

Akaba-Idena museum :

About two kilometers from the royal palace of Kétou, there is a set of two magic doors shrouded in mystery. Indigenous peoples revere them. They have existed for centuries at the time of the first chiefdoms of the locality and served as the only entrance into the kingdom of Kétou. These magic gates were installed to secure the only entrance to the kingdom. They remained open. But, in case of danger, they closed by themselves. In the Yoruba language, "door" is Akaba and "who bars the way" I dena. This is the origin of the name of the museum. Indeed, Akaba Idéna, a museum with multiple vestiges, is the monumental gate of the Yoruba city of Kétou, founded in the 14th century. The city was fortified in the 18th century with a trench and an earthen rampart several kilometers long. It remained a fortress until its conquest and destruction by King Glèlè, a former King of Abomey in 1886. The arrival of the French weakened the power of the kingdom and, in 1894, as a protective measure, the gate and the ramparts were rebuilt under the orders of King Oyingin. Their remains are still standing today. The two doors, one male and the other female, are an integral part of the cultural heritage of Benin. The story of these two gates is above all a timeless tribute to the Yoruba cultural heritage of Benin.

Aïtan-Ola :

In the heart of the historic city of Kétou, is one of the most sacred and fascinating sites in the country: the Aïtan-Ola site. Legend has it that Aïtan-Ola was buried under a heap of rubbish as a symbol of her personal sacrifice for her community and her protection of the city. Since then, people coming to his grave bring offerings and regularly cover it with new piles of rubbish. Visiting Aïtan-Ola is a unique experience that offers a fascinating insight into the history and culture of Kétou and Benin in general. Visitors can thus discover the richness of the local culture and the spiritual significance of Aïtan-Ola. While visiting this sacred site, tourists can also take in the panoramic views of the historic town of Kétou as well as the bustling markets below. The Assena market, the largest market in the city, is an essential meeting place and an opportunity to discover local culinary specialties and artisanal products.

The Royal Palace

The remaining sites to visit are indeed the city markets and the royal palace. The royal palace of Kétou was built by a certain Schopashan (first king of Alaketu). This palace housed the kings who succeeded each other to the throne of Kétou. It should be noted that access to the throne was designated alternately within the five princely families. Inside the palace, there are 25 squares specially dedicated to the royal court.

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